Distinguished Alumni Awards Program


The four annual alumni awards have a two-fold purpose:  to give recognition to Berry alumni who especially deserve it and to reflect credit on Berry by recognizing the achievements and services of exemplary alumni.

The Distinguished Achievement Award will go to selected alumni in recognition of outstanding achievement and usually will reflect recognition already accorded these persons by those in a position to know of their accomplishments.

The Distinguished Service Award will go to selected alumni in recognition of especially significant service to others when this service has been characterized by selfless spirit and an unusual degree of dedication.

The Outstanding Young Alumnus Award will go to an alumna/alumnus who graduated from Berry within the past twenty years and who has distinguished themselves in their career and/or community.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award will be given for significant contributions to the advancement of a business or enterprise.

Awards will be made on a conservative basis to maintain the distinction and honor intended; however, recipients will be considered as representative of Berry alumni deserving special recognition and it will be understood that some persons not receiving awards are equally outstanding.

  1. Nominations for distinguished alumni awards may be submitted by anyone to the Office of Alumni Relations or to the Alumni Association President before October 31, to be considered for that particular academic year.  Nominations should be stated as concisely and specifically as possible. Nominators should follow-up with the person they have nominated to make sure the nominee understands the award process and that application and reference materials have been submitted.
  2. The Alumni Association Awards Committee serves as a screening committee to select nominations for referrals to a final judging committee.  This process usually occurs in January.
  3. In March, the final judging committee reviews candidate portfolios. The final judging committee is composed of business men and women who have no relation to Berry College and no prior knowledge of the award candidates. The judges are selected by the Director of Alumni Relations and other Alumni Relations staff.
  4. The winners are announced and inducted into the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame during Alumni Weekend each year.
  5. Nominees not selected remain on the Distinguished Awards slate for a period of three years.

For the Distinguished Achievement Award:

  1. The nominee must have achieved success far beyond what might be recognized as normal or average.
  2. Distinction may be interpreted in different terms which may at times be overlapping:
    1. Notability for outstanding leadership or success within a locale
    2. Recognition or honors within an occupational or professional field
    3. Outstanding leadership within a significant organization above local level

For the Distinguished Service Award:

  1. This award shall be given for selfless service to one's fellowman over and beyond one's normal obligations.
  2. The service must have been of significant value although it may have attracted little public attention or recognition.
  3. The length of time the individual has been involved in this type of service shall be noted.  (For example, a service rendered over a period of forty years would have more weight than a comparable type of service for a period of a year or so.)

For the Outstanding Young Alumni Award:

  1. This award shall be given to an alumnus/a who attended Berry within the past twenty years.
  2. Outstanding distinction in one’s career and/or community will characterize the recipient.
  3. The recipient shall have made contributions to the general welfare of his/her community and represent Berry’s motto of “not to be ministered unto; but to minister.”
  4. Service contributions to Berry will be considered.  These contributions may include involvement in alumni chapters, participation in alumni events, volunteer service in various projects, and /or membership on the Alumni Council.

For the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award:

  1. This award shall be given for significant contribution to the advancement of a business or enterprise.
  2. The contribution made to the business or enterprise shall be of such a nature that this individual demonstrated a commitment to turn a vision into reality, the courage to assume risks, and the ability to make changes and take advantage of new opportunities.
  3. The length of time the individual has been involved, as well as the role played, will be considered.  In other words, involvement with the business or enterprise over a period of years will be more significant than a comparable role for a shorter time.
Nomination Form
If you would like to nominate someone for one of these alumni awards, please complete the following form. Your nomination will be reviewed by the Office of Alumni Relations and the nominee will be notified and asked to submit additional information for consideration.

Or print, complete and mail to:
Berry College
Office of Alumni Relations
PO Box 495018
Mount Berry, GA 30149-5018